The team

In RV-Arquitectos we are a team of great professionals with great experience at your disposal …



The management team consists of:

CRISTÓBAL RODRÍGUEZ VARGAS. . Architect and Civil and Building Engineer.

Collegial No. 1,021 at the Official College of Architects of Cadiz

Collegial No. 2,544 in the Official Association of Architects and Technical Architects of Cadiz

Collegial No. 16,851 in the College of Technical Engineers of Public Works and Civil Engineers

He studied civil engineering at the Algeciras Higher Polytechnic School (1.997-2.001), then studied technical architecture at the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid (2.001-2.003), continued to study higher architecture at the Universidad Camilo José Cela SEK in Madrid (2007-07-210), and finally completed the Master of Civil Engineering at the Catholic University of Murcia (2,012).

FRANCISCO RUIZ DE LA LINDE. City planning lawyer.

Collegial Nº 2944 in the Official Bar Association of Cádiz

After completing his law studies, he completed the Master in Management of Real Estate Companies, graduated in Urban Planning and Real Estate Developments, specializing in Real Estate and Mortgage Law. In exercise since 1996.