In RV-Arquitectos we are a team of great professionals by vocation with ample experience in the personalized attention and in the satisfaction of the client. The illusion of sharing an initial idea, unique with sculptural values, and its transformation into architecture as a continuous process of design in which function and form are integrated, give rise to spaces with a life of their own, where illusion and joy of imagined dreams come true.



The study is born of the need to create a new regeneration of architecture in times of crisis, evolution. Since the beginning, we have evolved and developed projects at different scales: opening licenses, housing reforms, single-family houses projects, building management, etc.



From RV-Arquitectos the conception of the process of architectural design, confronts the construction techniques and the use of materials according to the needs and possibilities of the client, offering the most advanced technology in Passive Houses, bioclimatic and solar studies.



The interests of our customers are our greatest concern, the quality, the environment, and the savings in costs, time and profitability, are the guarantee of our work.



RV-Arquitectos, is headquartered in Sotogrande, where we are currently providing services in architecture, planning, interior design, landscaping, etc., both for the public and private sectors.










«The details are not the details. The details are the design. » Charles Eames

Imagen Exterior Estudio